Considering a large majority of the skippers for the DF95 Global will already have a big investment in time and money for international travel, the primary goal of the Host Committee is to provide a competitive , fun regatta with the maximum amount of racing at a minimal cost.
The 2018 DF95 GIR Host Committee  did an exhaustive analysis of available scoring methods and systems, and we determined the best and most efficient system available to was the Simple Heat Racing System (SHRS), developed by Roy Granich (New Zealand) in conjunction with the automatic heat and live scoring system employed by Harry Drenth (Netherlands)from Sailing Today.

The SHRS system is similar to race scoring used in larger sailing regattas and will allow us to complete races in 4 heats (instead of typical 5 heats used under the HMS promotion / relegation system)  for the 80 boats in this regatta, and will allow for a far simpler 3 man protest committee (Consisting of an International Judge as committee chair, a National Judge, and one other qualified person) to be employed, in conjunction with a skipper based Observer System, to ensure fair sailing, and reducing overall regatta costs usually associated with an big international radio sailing events.
SHRS also allows for racing to continue while protests are heard in most cases , not holding up the regatta needlessly.

The event will be run with 10 Races of initial Preliminary Rounds ( with 2 discards). The Preliminary Scores will then carry into the Championship round, the competitors will be split into 4 final fleets based on the preliminary score results:
Championship Fleet / Places 1-20
Gold Fleet / Places 21-40
Silver Fleet / Places 41-60
Bronze Fleet / Places 61-80
with each fleet consisting of 20 boats each for the remainder of the regatta. Races will be run for each fleet with the following discard schedule: 4,8,12,16.
Awards will be given for the top ten places of the Championship Fleet, and for the winner of each Gold, Silver, and Bronze Fleet.
A more detailed outline of the SHRS system can be found below (The Race Committee may modify SHRS specifically for the 2018 DF95 Global Invitational Regatta) :

SHRS - Simple Heat Racing System - version 2018-2